Doing hard things

So either I’m having an exceptional day, or I’m already getting what I want. You see. A couple days ago I started doing the hard things. Now I’m finding that the hard things are getting easier. Infact, I find that I’m looking for comfort less.

What I notice most is that I am shying away from the hard things less. The more hard things i do, the more hard things I can do. I like this, and I think as long as I keep pushing myself, I can be a happier person.

I do truly believe that intent has a huge part to play in how our days pan out.

I ended up needing to take a nap today, but it’s because I know how much I pushed myself, and that’s important! Taking a nap wasn’t hard, but it wasn’t easy either. I was literally exhausted. I took a nap, and it helped allot because I’m ready to go again.

I also believe that we can build up, much faster than we break down, as long as we remain persistent. I really like this feeling of being more able. I wonder where it will take me?