More work done

I’ve completed 4 lessons in the certified user courseware as of today.

I wonder what’s going to happen when I get up to prefabs though?

I’m going to want to create allot of prefabs, but not have the scripting knowledge, or art skills to make anything that looks of feels nice.

I have always found that this is the point at which I get hung up, and don’t want to, but it may happen again, and I’ll have to see if I can find my way out of it this time.

I am using a blog for recording progress on this project in conjunction with the mind-map that helps to manage the pieces, and what needs to be done next.

I am looking at keeping backups of the unity projects, in terms of versioning, but may not keep versions of the entire asylum project, including its associated additional files.

That being said. Tomorrow will be an interesting adventure possibly.